World FM wants to give you 5 ideas on how you can celebrate Earth Day while continuing to social distance!


Go for a bike ride

The weather is beautiful, the bike paths are dry. Going for a bike ride is a great way to exercise, keep a safe distance from others, and most importantly connect with the earth. 

Click HERE for a list of all Edmonton bike paths. 


Start/tend a garden

What better way to thank the earth than to utilize one of its key properties: the ability to grow food! It’s a win-win. The earth gets to do what it does best and you get fresh vegetables for a salad. 

Click HERE to learn how to start a garden amidst COVID closures.


Go for a walk, jog or a hike

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to be alone. If you keep a suggested distance of 6 feet from someone you can still enjoy their company. Go enjoy the earth on your own or with friends or family today! 

Click HERE for more information on social distancing. Be safe!


Enjoy some earth-focused online entertainment

The earth has many natural beauties and complex wonders that are only available for us to view through video. I would recommend watching Our Planet, MeatEater, or Night on Earth. All very good earth documentaries. If your love for earth expands to space, check out Cosmos. 

Click HERE for a list of earth related titles on Netflix.


Tune in to Earth Day Live

Learn more about the harms our earth faces and what the average person can be doing to improve the condition of the earth. The goal here is to, “flood the world with messages of hope, optimism and, above all – action.” Watch speakers go like Pope Francis, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Bill Nye and, many more…

Click HERE for the full schedule of online speakers and activities.