Did you know you could still watch Netflix with your friends while social distancing? It’s a good way to still connect with your friends from the comfort of your home. Follow the steps and you’ll be watching your favourite shows with your friends soon!



A computer

A device with a camera installed (Smartphone or laptop)

Google Chrome Application installed on the computer

A video-sharing application like Facetime, Facebook, Discord, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram etc…

A friend


The person/people you want to Netflix Party with have to install the Netflix Party Chrome Extension as well.


Step 1

Google search “Netflix Party Chrome Extention” or click HERE

Click ‘Add to Chrome’


Step 2

It should take you to Netflix Party’s website. If it doesn’t, click HERE

Click ‘Install Netflix Party’

If done correctly, you will see this icon beside your browser’s address bar


Step 3

Select the title on Netflix that you and your friend would like to watch. When you are viewing something on Netflix the same icon will now be red.

Click the red ‘NP’ icon and click ‘Start the party’


Step 4

Share the URL that is presented with the person you want to watch with. If they have set everything up correctly when opening the link, they will then have to click the red ‘NP’ logo beside their address bar. They must be using Google Chrome as well.


Step 5

If all is done correctly up to this point you and your friend(s) Netflix page should be synced. All there is left to do is get comfortable, get some snacks and video chat with your friend(s) using Facetime on your phone or computer. There are many applications that offer video chat on both phones and computers. You can use Discord, Skype, WhatsApp. Instagram is good if you are just watching with one other person. If you are using your phone, prop the phone up next to the computer so you can see your friend(s) and they can see you.


Tips and Tricks

  • Listen to your Netflix title with headphones so the sound of the video doesn’t worsen the audio quality of the video chat
  • Click the icon in the top right corner to add your nickname in the Netflix Party Chatroom created


Enjoy Netflix Party!