On January 26, 2020 the entire world held its breath as news spread of a tragic helicopter accident involving Global NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant (41), his daughter Gianna ‘Gigi’ Bryant (13) and seven others. Kobe was one of the NBA’s greatest global ambassadors, being widely known and respected overseas. Even in countries where English was not the main language, the name ‘Kobe’ was still a household name, breaking language and cultural barriers. There will never be any words that can explain a tragedy like this, but the world is doing it’s best to pay tribute and show respect for the lives that were lost. From the basketball courts of the Philippines to to the streets of Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant’s impact and legacy can be felt throughout the world.


A basketball court in the Philippines is dedicated to the Global Superstar and his daughter, Gigi

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Filipinos pay tribute to Kobe and Gianna.

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Jeremy Lin, sends out his love and admiration for his former teammate

Fans across the world show love for the the 20 year NBA global superstar

A Weibo post from People’s Daily said it best stating ”From primary school to university, he (Kobe Bryant) accompanied the youth of countless people, and evoked the love for basketball among many young Chinese people,”.