Today we are focusing on Rashmi Kumar.

Start your weekends in style with Rashmi Kumar playing popular South Asian music!

This is what she had to say.


What do you do with World FM?

Rashmi: I am a Radio Host with World FM. I host the Saturday morning show from 6-10 titled, “Subah ke Rang Aapke Sang” (“Morning Colors With You” in English)

Where are you from?

Rashmi: I am originally from New Delhi, India. Now, I have been in Edmonton, Canada for the last eight years.

What made you want to be on World FM?

Rashmi: World FM and I go back a long way. When I was brand new in Canada, I was traveling by cab one day and the driver happened to be an Indian guy who’d put on some Indian music. When I asked him where he sourced this Bollywood music from, I was informed that he’d tuned into 101.7 World FM. I was astonished, emotional and nostalgic – all at the same time. I didn’t expect to hear Indian music in Canada! It brought tears to my eyes because as a newcomer here, I was sorely homesick. Since then I had tuned into 101.7 off and on and secretly hoped to be an RJ at this station… I guess the universe heard my wants.

What is your favourite thing about being on World FM?

Rashmi: The opportunity to be able to entertain people and make them happy/inspired/feel special in my own unique way. It’s an amazing feeling when listeners call up to say that I am such an integral part of their lives and they look forward to hearing my voice. I feel that’s such a sweet service to society – to be able to make someone’s day – to be able to make them smile.

Is there anything you want to say to your listeners?

Rashmi: Listeners are everything. Any show would cease to run if there is no listener feedback or participation. So, listeners, this is what I want to say: You guys are imperative. You guys are quintessential and without you any radio host would end up just talking to the studio walls!


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