Today we are focused on Francesco Sorgiovanni, Host of our Italian Program.

Here are his answers!


What do you do for World FM?

Francesco: I am the Producer and Host of the Italian Program.

Where are you from?

Francesco: I am Edmonton born and raised. Both my parents were born in Italy (Giffone, Reggio Calabria).

What made you want to be on World FM?

Francesco: I grew up with World FM. Right from the start. World FM and I are the same age and I’ve been around the station my whole life. It’s my second home. I love radio!

What is your favourite thing about being on World FM?

Francesco: Interacting with the listeners and the creativity I get to express with my show.

Is there anything you want to say to your listeners?

Francesco: Thank you for all your loyalty and dedication to this program and keep on listening! Grazie Mille e Viva Edmonton!


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