It’s with joy that we are starting a new segment on our blog: Meet World FM.

Today, I asked Juan Caroca a few questions.

What do you do with World FM?

Juan: I am the producer, director and on the air personality of the Hispanic program.

Where are you from?

Juan: I arrived from Chile …( Dec. 1975 )

What made you want to be on World FM?

Juan: Having worked in radio in my country and knowing the needs of my Spanish-speaking community, to have a means of communication.

What is your favourite thing about being on World FM?

Juan: Diversity, we are unique, we are international.

Is there anything you want to say to your listeners?

Juan: Yes! that we are on our way to 40 years and we are happy to be a bridge of friendship.


Thank you Juan for participating! Check back next week for our next World FM Feature!