Nice start to March!

On the show this week, spring has sprung!  Get ready for all the Sakura-themed songs to start flowing again.  The KanColle OP and ED’s are still around this week in the number 9 and 10 spots.  The new one from Miura Daichi, “Unlock”, comes in new at number 8.  It’s the theme song for the Fuji TV dorama “Ghost Writer”.  6 man Yankee Rock band Kishidan is back with their latest Shiawase ni Shika Shinee Kara at number 7.  SMAP’s Kareinaru Gyakushuu drops from the top spot to number 6 this week and I have the full version for you this time.  New at number 5 is singer-songwriter miwa with her new one – 360°, theme song for the new Doraemon movie.  Korean girl group AOA or Ace of Angels is new at number 4 with their second Japanese language single – Like a Cat.  New at number 3 is mix group unit AAA or Attack All Around with their 44th single Lil’Infinity.  They’re celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and so they’re releasing 7 consecutive singles in 7 months to commemorate it.  This is the second one.  Korean duo Tohoshinki comes in new at number 2 with their 43rd japanese single – Sakura Michi.  And new at number 1 is the other ubiquitous Johnny Jimusho boy band, ARASHI with their 45th single Sakura. 

Enjoy this week’s show!

Ore no uta o kikke!

-The Big-O! (@radiowasabi)

And here’s the listing!

Radio Wasabi Show 359 – week of Mar 7th

1. ARASHI – Sakura (new)

2. Tohoshinki – Sakuramichi (new)

3. AAA – Lil’Infinity (new)

4. AOA – Like a Cat (new)

5. miwa – 360° (new)

6. SMAP – Kareinaru Gyakushuu / Humor Shichau yo (down from 1)
no PV

7. Kishidan – Shiawase ni Shika Shinee Kara (new)

8. Miura Daichi – Unlock (new)

9. Nishizawa Shiena – Fubuki (Kantai Collection -KanColle- ED) (down from 6)

10. AKINO from bless4 – Miiro (Kantai Collection -KanColle- OP) (down from 5)