Welcome to South Asian Morning: Episode 34 hosted by Naz Sohni Uppal.




Some of the stories in today’s show:

  1. Akshay Kumar is squeezing The Great Indian Laughter Challenge into his already busy schedule
  2. An update on some of the funniest people in South Asian comedy
  3. Aamir Khan did endured a lot of pain for a film – he got his nose pierced!
  4. Some new details about Salman Khan’s Dabanng 3
  5. Bookworms in Edmonton, a new Pakistani novel has been released
  6. SRK will be setting up a new VFX office with technology like that in the Lord Of The Rings series
  7. An update on the Sanjay Dutt biopic
  8. Rakesh Roshan just finished 50 years in the industry
  9. Do you know Alam Channa?


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