Welcome to South Asian Morning: Episode 8 hosted by Naz Sohni Uppal


Some of the stories in today’s show:

  1. Suniel Shetty has a new reality show called India’s Asli Champion… Hai Dum!
  2. Asha Parekh’s autobiography, The Hit Girl, has released
  3. In order to look like Haseena Parker, Shraddha borrowed props from Haseena’s family
  4. Carrie Fisher’s brother and daughter gave permission for the studio to use her unused footage in Episode IX of Star Wars releasing in 2019
  5. There may be Bahubali Theme Parks popping up in various cities across India
  6. Sadique Pathan drops by to talk about the significance of Laylat Al Miraj
  7. News on Varun Dhawan


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